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Monday, 22 November 2010

What a great weekend

As the title suggests, nay shouts from the toilet block of every campsite in the land, we had a great weekend.  The weather could not quite be described as "warm and sunny", but it did at least fulfil the minimum requirements of "not wet" and at this time of year, who could ask for more.  I know Golfy is off in Tenerife watching golden sunsets as he sips on his fifth Pina Colada since tea, however in dear old Blighty, two dry days in a row, at the weekend, is about as much as a man could wish for.

This represents the good news.

The bad news is that the girls took a commanding lead over the boys at Canasta.  If you are not yet familiar with this fine game, then I would heartily recommend you get acquainted lest you and I fall out over social niceties.  The boys ended the weekend over two thousand points down.  It has to be said that me falling asleep into my cards did not enhance our play.

I also got to try out my new porch awning.  For those who are neither familiar or interested, feel free to skip this next paragraph.  The new awning was just what it needed to be, quick and simple to erect and with sufficient space for the wellies and a porta-fridge full of cold beer.  There was the usual scratching of head that accompanies the erection of any new item, and a couple of mild swear words may well have been uttered, but by jove the little darling did get up and give us "exactly what it says on the tin" in the way of porch service.

This week is going to be long.  I have a number of "projects" that are overdue or getting that way, and so this will be a week of tightly managed tasks in an attempt to close all, or as many as can be sorted in a week, so that I have a bit of spare capacity to take on my new leadership role.  That sounded grander than it really is, but I am to "step up" to leading my little team in an attempt to provide the management with a focal point.  Now I know this sounds like a "more work, more hassle, same length days" situation, and you may be right, but in the current climate I did not really have any meaningful way to refuse, and the up-side is that it will continue to mark me out as someone prepared to take on the tricky stuff at the time of the year when we are all being appraised, market-rated and team-based assessed as part of the overall motivational process at Starfleet. 

For now, I shall bid you adieu.  Let's catch up in the middle of the week.

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