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Monday, 26 November 2012

And . . . I did relax

Missed Friday due to the madness.  Actually, that is a lie.  The madness subsided just a bit on Thursday evening, so Friday was actually akin to climbing out from your basement storm shelter to see what was left of your property after a hurricane has visited.   There might have been many things I could have done, including blogging, but to be honest, I just need to do some simple stuff like breathe, eat and sleep.

And so it was that I broke one of my golden rules, and that is to pretend I have any golden rules.

This week, I am hoping for a bit more sanity, tidying you the mess left from the "hurricane" and generally getting back in touch with the things that, until two months ago, constituted my actual job.  I will still have some extra-curricular activities to complete, but they will be at a relatively normal level and things a chap is more than capable of taking in his stride.

Have a great week, and we really will talk later.

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