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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Time, the most scarce of resource

I know I am telling you what you already know, but modern life is busy.  The Scobi version or reality is no less busy.  Work is providing an awful lot of busyness right now, with an almost perfect storm of three key projects, plus a couple of escalations, plus a need to submit my appraisal feedback by the end of the week, plus a job interview that needs some preparation, plus we are going away 'vannin' this weekend.

I keep telling myself that we are lucky to be busy, because that means we have an engaging job and a demanding family and a busy social life, but do you know what, just once or twice that argument has worn a bit thin.

My expectation is that within a week, things will have settled down just a bit, so maybe I just have to Luge* it.

And in that spirit, I must bid you farewell, hopefully to return tomorrow.

Be good, and keep busy.

* It does not take much time in my company before you have heard all my little "gems", but just in case, the Luge has been described as a sport that requires you to lie flat and don't die.  I think this can be an excellent analogy for those moments when you just have to get through something is to keep doing it and allow time to pass.  Oh, and don't die in the process.

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Golfy said...

One hopes you can find some time for a catchup this week.... Interesting times. ;-)