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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thursday, is that all?

Another nuts week, the third in a row at this too-high intensity.

Need my working life to get a bit normal, so that I can continue to contribute to society in ways other than profanity and body odour*.

Apparently I always say this, but things are nearly over now for this madness.  By the weekend some key things will no longer be on my plate, and while I am sure that other things will take their place, they will be things more willing to form an orderly queue and are able to speak at lower volumes.

Does Starfleet not know that there are things I need to do;  get the antlers on the Christmas reindeer**, feed the Christmas cake, go fishing again, finish some DIY chores, spend time with my family etc. etc.

I hope your week is not as bad as mine, and if it is, blinkin' 'eck but we are busy, ain't we?

* I apologise for the vulgarity
** Don't ask

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