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Friday, 30 November 2012

And . . . relax ahhhhhhhh

It has been a lovely week.  That is not to say it has not been hard, but it was a normal week, and that means I have been able to do some normal things.  I played tennis on Wednesday*, I have taken the boys to school two days in a row, and I even managed to catch up with Golfy, to find out what the old bugger has been up to, and I have to say, it mostly had an 18 certificate.  I have never heard such filth.

This weekend LO is going to London for the day with Samantha, to go to a special at the V&A I think.  This visit is a re-plan from a few weeks ago, when Samantha fell ill and so they had to cancel.  This means it is just me and the Maggots.  Actually, Maggot 1 is at a friend's birthday bash, so until mid afternoon it is just me and Maggot 2.  He has a swimming lesson, but we will need to find something good to do, to get some quality father-son time.  I expect there may be a bit of Fifa 12, and hopefully some other things that do not require electricity.

Depending on when LO and Samantha return from London, we may then spend the evening with their family, so that will involve beer and food and chat, which is nice.

Other than that, I have nearly finished the remix of the Snow Patrol track, the third of my remixes and one I am very much enjoying, which surprises me slightly.  The first two were dance tracks, which are very much conducive to being remixed on a computer - lots of electronic sounds, farts and beeps as they are often called.  With the Snow Patrol, I am able to listen to other remixes submitted and they all took the basic track elements and added it to a very electronic track.  When I started to think about my remix, I had thought that I would do a Radiohead on it, some electronicness but with an indie edge, but in fact I have now gone for a very indie remix.  The original track is fairly acoustic, indie of course, but fairly acoustic with acoustic guitar, violin, piano and some delicate elements.  What I have done is made it much heavier, with none of the thrill - a real head drill track now, with the repetitive nature of the some really doing it for me.  Let's see what others think when I upload, probably Sunday.

On that note, have a great weekend, and speak next week.

* even though I did damage my shoulder - I guess I really am getting older, and need to acknowledge that, rather than charging round like a young Red Setter who has been licking the cafetiere.

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