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Thursday, 1 November 2012


Just a quickie.  Today is day two of my three days off, and on behalf of myself and my family, I can report that we are having a lot of fun.

I lost, in spectacular fashion, at Monopoly last night.  I went all out for three houses* on my first triple, the Oranges if you are interested, spending most of my money in doing so.  Then unfortunately I got a Chance card, Advance to Mayfair, which is normally a fairly innocuous card, except when your eldest son has just splashed the cash for hotels on Purple.  Well ding my dangles, two thousand and something rent, game over player one.

Today, the weather does not look good, so we will probably not do much, although I am very keen to use my latest birthday present, a pair of walking boots, so we may try to find a dry moment to head out in to the woods.

Hopefully speak again tomorrow.

* For those not familiar with the tactics of Monopoly, one of the key tricks is to get to three houses ASAP, since the rent raises massively from two to three houses.

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