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Sunday, 5 January 2014

And . . . relaxed

What with the holidays and all, time really has become an abstract concept, and so here I am on Sunday doing my end of week write up.

First two days at work were fine.  Slowish, but fine.  I know that this coming week will be nearly up to full speed, with a rare visit to the capital on Wednesday, when I will have to try and remember all those things us country folks need to stop doing, such as mumbling to ourselves, saying hello to strangers and eating raw meat with our hands*.

We have put away the Christmas decorations for another year, and in doing so we have also given our loft a much-needed tidy up, since it was messy and disorganised, just like everyone else's loft.  After a couple of hours it looked half decent, with us having cleared out a bunch of rubbish, tidying up the rest and ear-marking several items for eBay*.  There is something cathartic about a clear out, probably some Feng Shui thing.

Today, with Maggot 1 away at a birthday sleepover, the rest of us will be batch-cooking (mostly LO) and probably going swimming (Maggot 2 et moi).

Enjoy the last of your weekend, and gird your loins for a full week next week.

* Actually, having worked in the "square mile" for a while this bit is probably still allowed.
** In these austere times, sometimes the only disposable income a chap has.

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