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Thursday, 23 January 2014


I have to admit, that from 1 January 2014, it would have done me good to be on an effective diet, to help me to lose the weight gained since about the Summer Holiday.

Good schmood, of course, coz that is easier to write than it is to do.

Consequently, the old* weight has not done much in the way of shifting.

I had a long, hard talk with myself, and have redoubled my efforts, and by way of a kick-start only, coz there is no way I could continue forever like this, I am trying the new, and very fashionable, Five-and-Two Diet, where you eat normal, healthyish for 5 days, then on 2 days you eat very low calories, down around 600 for a male.

To be honest, I am behind the curve on the science, but Uncle Google informs me that:

The science behind its theory is compelling - even if it’s been subjected to extremely little clinical testing. The diet’s potential lies in the affect it has on our genes. Regular, intermittent fasting activates a gene called SIRT1. Often referred to as ‘The Skinny Gene’, it is involved in the repair and maintenance of cells to promote survival during times of dietary scarcity. Conveniently, SIRT1 also inhibits fat storage and is thought to deliver anti-ageing benefits. Not a bad package - especially when combined with the DAF 16 (or ‘Sweet 16’) gene, which has been shown to switch on during fasting tests on animals, keeping them younger for longer.
I have not read it anywhere, so therefore it is unlikely to be true, but I also ponder the thought that usually, if you just stop eating, your body says "uh oh, better hold on to the fat coz we don't know when this sucker is gonna eat again", so maybe stopping then starting ensures your body never enters defence-mode on fat retention.

There is also more woo-woo science** around how fasting can give your body a rest or something, but that is nothing I would want to utter in public.

Anyhow, this is only the first week, and I have probably taken my "2" as two-thirds over three days, but on those days I have been pretty good.  It is therefore no great surprise that I feel a bit less bumpy in the gut region.  Friday is weigh-day, so I can confirm then whether it has actually had any effect on the weight as well.

What is nice is that I am in the zone now, wanting to put good things in to my body.  What I don't need is a Saturday night with friends probably having a takeaway.  That, is appears, is what we have planned for this Saturday.  Doh!

I will let you know how it all goes.

* Old is used advisedly since we do feel like long and old friends
** therefore not science at all

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