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Monday, 6 January 2014


Just need to share a slightly amusing tale.

Maggot 2 and I went to a local Co-Op (seems to be lots of these mini-marts opening up round our way at the moment) to get some cash and a paper.  As I was approaching the door, I noticed an elderly woman in a mobility scooter.  She had parked against the front wall, nose in, and when I saw here she had returned to her mobility scooter to go home.

At the point I joined her story, she was preparing to reverse out of the space so she could head home.  She was obviously a nervous driver since she took several looks behind her, over both shoulders, to check all was clear, before fiddling with her controls and then, after another couple of checks behind, she pressed the go button, only to go straight forward in to the wall.  Luckily it was a low-speed accident that required no intervention, so I was able to chuckle to myself guilt free.

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