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Friday, 14 January 2011

And . . . relax

Having just read Bad Man's blog, where he describes giving Golfy a birthday present of Blackberry Vodka, a drink Golfy sampled at 9.15am, reminded me of the graph I was shown the other day, which I wanted to share with you.  Made me laugh.  Oh, and I really must give Golfy a ring to see how his new work life is shaping up.

This weekend, I will mostly be painting.  A first coat of exterior masonry paint on the recently rendered bit round the outside of the new front door.  Then a lick of primer/undercoat on the door frame itself to make it finally weather-proof, albeit the frame that sits inside an open porch, so not so exposed to the elements.  Regardless, it will be good to get it knocked in to shape.

We will also be entertaining A&E on Saturday, which will be a fine evening of red wine, good food and the arrangement of a couple of late winter/early spring 'vannin' breaks, likely a trip to the Forest and a trip to the Isle (of Wight).  The Forest trip will be to a pretty big site that benefits in Winter from having all the facilities open, and no-one at the site to annoy us.  The Isle of Wight trip is an offer from one of the local ferry companies for a ferry trip and five nights for one hundred and forty-five of your finest English pounds.  This is, I can assure you, a fantastic offer, not least because the Portsmouth to Isle of Wight crossing is, mile for mile, the most expensive crossing in the world.  Having just Googled that fact, I can report that whether it is actually true or not, a lot of people think the same.  It could be an urban myth, of course, but it will do for me.

Another urban myth, one I confident to call such because I Googled it a while back, is the one about the fact that the population of the world can fit on the Isle of Wight.  Unfortunately, the answer is no, the details of which are, and I quote:

The Isle of Wight is 380 km squared. A kilometer is 1000 m X 1000 m or a million square meters. so the area would be 380 million square meters. The Earth's population is about 6,500 billion people. You would need 17.1 people on each square meter to fit the world's population on the island.
So it might have been true in 2002 or so, but not now.
I hope you are able to sleep better in your beds now those two have been put to bed.

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