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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Quick word

Things have been extra busy for little ole me, so only a quick word so you know I am still alive.

I now have my new racking in my shed, just need to migrate all the keep stuff to the new storage system, in preparation for the building starting, which, I should quickly add, is a few months off yet, but a chap cannot be too organised. 

Now that the temperatures go above 5 degrees C, I have also been able to re-render round the outside of our new front door, and hope that the temperature remains as it is now for the weekend so I can get some paint on the render, and then start painting the frame.  I like it when I can start putting it back together again.

We also have nearly agreed all the adjustments to the detailed drawings, so should be able to send out the tenders within the next week. 

Hope your week is going well.  If today goes as well as I am planning, then the usual end of week blog coming tomorrow.

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