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Saturday, 29 January 2011

A correction - nonsense, or is it whimsy?

I have had a number of letters and emails, including one from Mrs Trellis of North Wales, regarding my post of yesterday on the meaning of life.  There seems to be some confusion as to whether I do indeed have the answer for which mankind has been searching, or whether in fact I am a fruitcake who needs to be kept at arms length, metaphorically speaking*.

I think I should just clarify that the methodology is very simple.  These are wonderful phrases, wonderful only in that their very uttering does do something to rewire a chap's brain, and also the brain of any chaps and chapesses in the vicinity.  This has the effect of making everything just a bit more bearable, and I can assure the reader that it is completely harmless, and the effects will wear off in an hour or two. 

As the Danish say, you cannot cure a hangover, but you can cure bacon**.

Now, where did I put the Thesaurus?

* Now, don't start that again.
** as Bad Man knows only too well.

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