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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Just checking in

I know I haven't been blogging much lately.  I apologise for the scarcity of the postings, but one thing and another, and then something else for good measure, means I am just not quite getting round to writing anything.  Even now, when I decide I am going to knock one out, and having not written anything for a good few days, I find myself without much to say.

So what does any blogger worth his salt* do when he doesn't know what to write?  Well, just start typing of course, and if you are lucky something will come along and before you know it, you have written seven hundred and fifty of the finest words ever to grace a blog.


I did see a good fact on QI the other day about the sun.  When you are watching the sun sink below the horizon, at the point that the bottom of the sun is just gently kissing the horizon, in actual fact the sun has gone below the horizon.  Huh?  The reason is that the light bends slightly, and the bend equates to about the diameter of the sun, so as it really dips completely below the horizon, the light bends a bit and it appears to the observer that it has just reached the horizon.
A man is lost in the desert, and comes across Osama Bin Laden with a machine gun, an angry Cobra ready to strike and a lawyer.  He has a gun with him but it has only two bullets.  What does he do?

He puts both bullets in to the lawyer just to be sure**.

Before I sign off, just need to mention Golfy's latest blog. Have you read it?  I think I'd better give him a ring coz he sounds like a cable car about to drop off the wire.  His cryptic writings are so puzzling that I fear slightly for his sanity.  It wasn't up to much on a normal day, so I think maybe he needs my sensitive listening powers to give him right good kick up the Yaris.
* In ancient Rome the soldiers were often paid in salt instead of gold since they were both worth the same.

** Start of my recent story CD that keeps me company during my daily commute.

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