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Friday, 15 April 2011

And . . . relax

Another Friday, another sense of relief.  This one sees me frantically trying to close down loose threads so I don't leave colleagues with a mess during my week off next week.  My big project is pretty much there for my bit.  Due to its size, there will be many iterations, but hopefully they will come after I am back the week after next, and so will not burden my already busy colleagues.

The building work has been dragging a bit of late.  Still lots of work being done, but none of it high-profile stuff that makes it feel like we are progressing.  That changes today since we have the chippie back to finish the trim, so the roofer can then finish off his bit next week.  Getting the lid fully done will be a nice milestone.

Next major one is windows in, insulation and stud partitioning up so first fix electrics and plumbing can be done, then floor, then second fix and plaster, and then done.

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