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Thursday, 28 April 2011

And . . . relax

It is a funny feeling that just 3 days in, I am writing my end of week blog.  Such is the madness of the month of April, and very much liking it I am.

There is, apparently, a wedding going on tomorrow.  I have to say that I am broadly neutral on the whole event.  I don't have any negative feelings to the royals and their funny ways, but nor do I have any positive feelings that make me want to organise a street party or build a Union Jack out of pansies, or camp out all night to catch a glimpse of a horse and carriage.  I am not sure whether that makes me an agnostic or atheist, or maybe a Morris Dancer, but overall I wish any young couple the best of luck in their married life, and thank them for organising a Bank Holiday for tomorrow. 

This weekend will be full of a "royal fancy dress party" Friday night, plenty of DIY and family stuff for the rest of the weekend, and overall a bit of time to rest, remember what leisure time is, and to kick back and chill out.

I hope your weekend is planned as well as mine.  Until next time.

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