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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

And so begins another day...

Not been posting of late, due to being in holiday.  I have decided that that is a place I like to be.  We have a fantastic 4 day break with Brad and Angelina, and their two maggots, and had the sort of weather that would rival the Med in the height of summer, fantastic accommodation near to the amenities, but far enough away to be very quiet, backing on to a pond that became the hunting ground for the maggots.  We hope to do it again someday, once we are on top of our extension (and though it is hard to believe, that really was not meant to be a double entendre).

Talking of the building work, we had hoped to return to amazing changes, only to find the roofer had been called to another job, so things did not look that much changed.  The soakaway was completed and the garden put back to something like its former (in)glory, and the kitchen floor and wall tiles, plus coving, were also removed.

This week sees the final blackjack coat on the floor and the first fix for plumbing.  End of this week early next sees the windows and doors going in.  They then lay the insulation and concrete skim for the floor, followed by the plasterboard and plastering the week after, at which point the second fix for electrics and plumbing can be completed.

i.e. we are actually fairly near to the end, even though it does not feel like it at the moment.

On the work front, first day back sees the usual pain of a full inbox, and a bunch of usual hassles that come from having the audacity to take time off. 

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