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Thursday, 14 April 2011


A chap is always looking to improve himself, and indeed Buddhists now ponder how you can improve on perfection, as light relief from pondering the sound of one hand clapping.

Anyhow, the current thing that is of interest is the Pomodoro technique.  I am giving it a go, so why don't you too.

On other news, the cladding for the roof edge is now going to be PAL 7016 colour, semi-gloss, which is very exciting.

The chippie is back tomorrow and Saturday to finish the cladding and fascia so we can get the top layer on the roof, when we can then also install the roof light.  Very excited about that.

We have also discovered that the rainwater down pipe from the existing extension is going in to a soakaway that is basically a handful of gravel, 2m from the extension wall, and less than half a metre under the ground.  i.e. totally against building regs. So yet again we are putting right a load of old sh!te as part of our building project.  The result is that we now have to did a trench to take the pipe out 5m from the building, and then dig a hole 1.2m diameter and 2m deep in which we bung a load of rubble, with a concrete layer on top followed by topsoil, to create a decent and legal soakaway.  While it will cost money, I like to do things right, and I also like the idea that slowly, we are eliminating every last bit of crapness from our lovely house.

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