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Monday, 4 April 2011

The start of a whole new week

Monday sees me working from home.  Plenty of calls and solo work to do so home is the best place to be.  Will be in the big bad world in the middle of the week, to return home again for the end.

My car as Electronic Stability Control.  No idea what it is, but assume it is worth having.  The problem is that it keeps going wrong.  The warning light has been coming on, on and off, for over half a year, and the car has been in about five times.  The first was to a local cheapo garage that my lease company decided was a good place to send it, and they did nothing.  The other four times have been to the local Saab garage, who do know what they are talking about, mostly, but who have struggled to find the root cause.  Several things have been adjusted, and the previous visit they did manage to isolate a dodgy connection, which was replaced, and the problem stopped.  For a while.  It is now back, probably on nearly every journey, so I will need to once again book it in and be at home when they need to collect it.  Now, don't get me wrong, being forced to be home on a Friday, and have some nice man come and pick it up, is no real hardship, and I do know how lucky I am, but to be honest it does have to be that easy because I have zero interest in cars.  On two previous occasions I have managed to run a car nearly dry of oil, so bad am I at doing anything useful when I lift the lid.  I think the clever stuff is best left to those that know, and I am very comfortable in the position of being a chap who does not know.

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