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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Alternative or not?

We are one day away from a vote on whether we want AV or not.  I think I am being fair when I say that it is a topic that has not really fired up the nation.  When a chap goes to his club, of all the conversations he overhears (stock market, strip-joints etc), not one of them is talking about whether or not AV is the answer to our voting ills.
I am split on this.  The arguments on both sides are over-blown and by so being I see them both as poor arguments.

The "no" campaign shot themselves in the foot for me with their latest ad campaign, that was snide and inaccurate.  That made me want to vote "yes".

Having said that, I am with the Gorse Fox in feeling that while I am up for a bit of change, I am not sure that this change is the one that is right for me, or for the nation. 

So, do I go for a bit of a change, even if that change is not precisely the one I would choose, or do I go "no" for the same reason. 

I am therefore going to see how I feel on the day.  I may check which one is my weakest, and then reallocate my original vote for that one to the second choice, and see what that throws up.  Or I may just pick my number one only.  Ah, the choice, the choice.

How are you going to vote?

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