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Monday, 16 May 2011


So, the question is, which way do you dress?  Are you an Apple or an Android? 

There are many reasons for choosing one over the other, including technical considerations, emotional attachment, hatred of one or other of the technology companies, what your mates will think or which one has that gay cruising application you so like (Grinder, in case you are wondering). 

Well, my decision was made partly with what options were actually available to me with the system I was using, since using it does give me some financial advantage, and so I can now reveal that I am going the Apple route.  I think it will have everything that I will ever need, and some, and I already have a bunch of friends and colleagues who are also fruit-shaped and so intend polling them for what apps they cannot live without.  I will give you an update on how I get on when I get my sweaty little mitts on the little darling.

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