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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Well hello

Not much to say.  A project I was helping a new colleague work on has now landed in my lap, so I have had to rearrange things, to much consternation by all.  As part of that, I had finished the first draft of my proposal, and duly over-wrote it.  A quick download of a recovery tool, a 2 hour disk scan, a small prayer and a bit of luck and I got it back.  I now have 3 copies of it, and every hour save to a new copy.

Other than that, the plasterer started today, which is nice.  Now the screen to the kitchen is down a chap cannot sneak to the kettle without being seen by the workers, and he has seen his teabag collection decline considerably as a result.

And finally, I am short of reading material so am revisiting the John Peel autobiography, Margrave of the Marshes, and I have to say that even second time round it is a cracking read.  You really can hear his voice in every written sentence, such is his style and way with words.  At least I now have something to rest my busy mind at 3am.

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