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Monday, 23 May 2011


Apparently you can make phone calls with my new toy.  I say apparently because to date the little beauty has only been used as a gaming machine, and as a GPS positioning device.  The maggots were showing it off in the pub Sunday lunchtime to their Nanny (my mother-in-law) to a lot of oohing and plenty of ahhing.  She likes it a lot also, but wanting it on PAYG means a hefty up-front cost to buy the handset, the price of which at present she was not keen to meet.

As for using the phone, I did try adding up some numbers with it, and also use the compass to work out which way was North, very useful for when you are trying to avoid going South, something my work projects tend to do with monotonous regularity.

I now have a Tesco finder (invaluable for finding Tesco stores and, I am told, for finding an item inside the store also - can't wait to impress my friends with that), Firefox Home (synchs my bookmarks from the cloud, where my laptop browser puts them - v. v. good) and Angry Birds (v. v. v. good, not that I have had a look in yet).  I have also got myself the free Kindle app, and have downloaded my first free classic story (v. useful I am sure if I ever get caught short without a book but with a magnifying glass) and a bunch of other stuff that I cannot even find at the moment, but which I am sure is also v. useful for my health and well-being.

Overall, the device is a success, and I think a week in the caravan next week will be when it really comes in to its own, providing a little bit of connectivity in what is otherwise a blissfully unconnected environment.  I do not, you will be pleased to hear, have my work emails coming down on to the device, since that would be really sad, but I do have my calendar automatically synching which is "way cool" and ensures that there are two devices telling me which appointment or meeting I have just missed.

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