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Friday, 6 May 2011

And . . . relax

We have finally arrived at Friday, and as the first 4 day week for a long time, I can honestly say that it has been a long week.  There are rumours on the web that the coalition government are trying to add another day to the working week next week, and we may be forced to do FIVE days next week.  I have had to have a little word at the club to see if someone can knock some sense in to them, because a five day working week is going to severely impact a chap's social life.

Other news is that the extension is proceeding well.  We have a bit of a scare with the rooflight, which looked absolutely fantastic, until it rained, when we realised that it had been installed with too little angle on it, and due to a very faint dip in the glass, we ended up with a feature fish pond.  Sadly noone's fault, but a real pain none the less.  The whole roof had been finished, it was looking great, the build phase was all but complete, and then this.  And the roof had been sealed with a glue sealent, so was stuck on the upstand like sh!t to a blanket.  Much consternation was experienced by all, but after some genius thinking, our builder went to the local glass merchant, and old drinking buddy of his, and he came and saved the day.  The roof light is off, the carpenter is booked (maybe for free if we are lucky), the roofer will come and do the new riser bit with roofing felt (maybe for free since he did set our roof on fire!) and then the glass merchant drinking buddy will come back and re-fit the rooflight, and also coat it with anti-smear stuff for good measure.

So, we are "tacking up" tomorrow, getting all the plasterboard fitted on ceiling and those walls that are stud.  We are getting the bi-fold doors fitted Sunday.  We are getting the plastering starting Monday, followed by second fix electrics and plumbing, followed by plasterer returning to finish the floor skim.  Then when he can make it with the plasterer will finish external rendering, including fixing two cracks that are leaking water.  He will then finish off by re-doing Maggot 1's room - two outside walls shot due to crack in external render, plus a light skim on the existing kitchen which has had coving removed, so it matches the new room, which will be covingless, and also smoothing where the tiles have been removed, a job we did because a) tiles are so yesterday, apparently, and b) because we want to change the work surfaces as soon as finances allow to bring the kitchen up to date with the new room and c) because the tile colour compromised the overall colour scheme of the new room, of which the existing kitchen is an integral part.

Now, as Bad Man has commented, I am allowed to be a bit peed off with the builders being in my house, being on week 11, and while we will actually miss them when they are gone (no bad moments, except for the rooflight which is now sorted), it is simply that them not being here means we have our room, if not finished, at least ours to do with what we want.

I hope you have a good weekend; catch up next week.

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