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Friday, 2 September 2011

And . . . relax

It is Friday already.  Horray to that.  Euro Lottery tonight.

But enough of this pipe-dream, back to reality.  LO's first day at work today, which really does mark the end of the summer.  The Maggots are out with the outlaws for the middle of the day, although they are both not feeling 100%, which is not a good start to the busiest term of the year.  For anyone who has children, I know I am singing to the vicar*, but illness-induced childcare is a nightmare for the parents, and we do rely heavily on our extended network of friends and family to fill in wherever possible, but it can be a hand-to-mouth existence that does nothing to improve the stress levels of busy working parents.

Otherwise, we have a fairly quiet weekend, where I will do a bit of DIY, a bit of quality time with the maggots, and an evening out Saturday to friends for dinner.

I hope you have a good weekend also.

* or is it preaching to the choir?

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