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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Anyone got a spare five mill?

So I am at the start of Day Three*, and I am reminded of what I said to my mum when I was five, having done the first two days of Infants School.  Striding out of the school I declared "Well, I have tried this school thing, and I don't think it is for me".  I don't recall mum's response, but it would no doubt have included something about it being the law.

So this is what I am feeling somewhat today.  I have tried this work thing, and I am not sure that it and I are suited.  I don't usually have this feeling after a holiday, but this one really seems to have got me.  Provence is really something, and while I am not sure I would spend all Summer docked in St Tropez, I could manage a week or two just getting used to the upper-deck leisure seating, testing the wine cellar and keeping an eye on the deck hands to make sure they are keeping the boat shiny.  Well I assume that shiny is how it should look, so I shall also be reading the style mags to be sure.

Anyway, this plan is all coming together nicely.  I have selected my short-list of boats to trial, I am fairly sure I know what colour scheme for the deck hands' uniforms - simple blue polo shirts and beige shorts seems to be de rigueur, but I am tending towards orange.  I have read that St Tropez is best in early summer, Monte Carlo for the end, and maybe somewhere in between for the hot middle bit.

The final piece in the puzzle, just a little piece really, is the five mill I need to fund the purchase.  I have a few ideas, but only an idiot would give away their secrets, and only an even bigger idiot would base their plan on the Lottery.

Does anyone have Peter Mandelson's number?

* Not sure these days now it has moved to Channel 5, but this always used to be said with a Geordie accent.

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