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Monday, 5 September 2011

This is the first day of the rest of our lives, so make the most of it

This may well be of a mantra I am repeating, rather than a state of mind that I have already achieved, but it is something I want and need to put in place.  "That holiday feeling" is lingering much longer than usual, and the work landscape is such that I really need to be somewhere near the top of my game to make a success of the rest of the year. 

This has become the important element arising from my recent mid-year review with my boss, and by boss, I mean my personal development manager rather than my task manager(s), Starfleet being as it is a proponent of matrix management*.  I need to really make a success of my current role.  What I have observed of myself is that I am good at being a success with my peers and those to whom I team-lead, but not always to the powers that be.  This is something I think has two factors: the first is I like to be liked, so work hard at being so, and second that in our large, multi-agenda organisation I do sometimes feel that (task) managers do ask for silly things in silly timescales.  Having given myself a still talking to, I now appreciate that there is no point doing the stuff I think is important if I am neglecting the stuff that my (task) manager thinks is important, because he in turn gives his feedback on me to my (personal development) manager as part of my end of year review.

I think I am gonna need a lot of Vaseline if I am to keep my lips from going dry with all the @$$ kissing.

On Friday, had a good chat with Golfy, who apart from an alarming change of hair colour, is as he always is.  He is enjoying his work and has given SWK some food for thought.  Oh, we also did a Facetime call, which is, as both Maggots attested, "cooool".

"Who is your manager?" is a question that needs to be answered the with IT Architect's universal answer "it depends". 

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