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Friday, 16 September 2011

And . . . relax

It is uncanny, this Friday thing.  Each week, without fail, here it is.

This Friday finds me preparing for a weekend away in the 'van.  Due to the extension, which I think I may have mentioned, we have not been away in it as much as usual, and by way of making up for lost ground, are away at least twice leading up to Christmas, including this weekend.

We are planning a trip down to the New Forest, in a site with no electric hook up, which is not what a chap is used to, but if there is one thing the services teach you it is how to muck in with the lower ranks.  As my well-worn story goes about the girl at art college responded when accused of being a snob, "I am not a snob, I talk to people below me". 

To be honest, the weather looks a bit dodgy.  Depending on which nearest town you pick*, it varies from light rain to heavy rain, which is the sort of weather forecast you only expect to see up North.  Needless to say that, as a rule, the weather does not play much of a part in the enjoying of a weekend away - it is, after all, something you need to expect if you choose to go camping anytime outside that really good week in late March we seem to get every year.

On the home front, a rather rash acceptance of an offer from my dad to "decorate the front room" has meant the putting on hold of a number of other jobs, the covering is furniture with drapes in said room, and to generally creating the sort of stress levels in one's partner that are usually only experienced by Premiership Football Managers on a losing streak.  It will all be worth it when it is done seems to be wearing thin right now, so maybe a new tack needs to be taken to avoid physical harm.

So, better get off and finish my working day.  Have a great weekend, and speak next week.

* Where we are going is somewhat off the beaten path, as you would expect from such an intrepid traveller.

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