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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Is the my holiday glow disappearing over the horizon?

Not actually as negative as it may sound, just an honest realisation that I am starting to get in to the swing of this work thing.

With many miles of driving under my belt getting to and from the holiday accommodation, and a car full of dozy passengers*, I did have a few moments to ponder life, the universe and everything, and indeed I did make myself something of a plan of action for the final third of the year.

On return to planet Earth, as I think I may have already told you**, I had a meeting with my manager for a mid-year*** review, and it was quite refreshing that his assessment of what I needed to do for the final third matched my own. 

So, I have a plan, and I have the means to execute on it, and I am starting to generate the enthusiasm to actually start.  Now that, by any chap's standard, deserves a glass of sherry or two.

I had an infrequent trip to London this week, and it just acted as a reminder of how much better I am liking working where I am now.  The buzz of London is undeniable, but I am benefiting greatly from not staying away all week.  The rest of the family may not be so sure.

I read on the train up to the smoke a story that you may also have seen.  The chap who had written a list of 50 things he wanted to do before he died, and he had started the first on his list, which was to drive to the summit of Snowdonia.  Needless to say that his Frontera 4x4 did not make it, and he is now facing a criminal record and a bill for thousands of pounds for the recovery of the vehicle.  Apparently this is the most sensible thing on his list, so he is rethinking the whole thing.
Quite where you start with this story is hard to say.  Is it an example of British eccentricity, or simply human stupidity.  On the hero to zero scale I think I have him down just below zero.

Anyhow, enough of that, back to work.  Hope you are having a good week, and speak tomorrow.

* The UK's slander laws being what they are, I should clarify that this is due to the soporific nature of driving, not intellectual capabilities.  Although...
** At least I know I am repeating myself.
*** It has not escaped the irony police that the mid-year review happens two thirds of the way through the year.

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