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Friday, 30 September 2011

I know, I know

I have been rather absent lately, and if you have indeed been thinking that, then you are not the only one.  I have even been absent from myself.

To be honest, my bones are still aching from the floor varnishing last weekend, and I have been very busy travelling to the office for four days, that I have been both busy and exhausted for most of the week.  I even went out on Tuesday to play snooker with Mr Big.  We have a great evening, and while I worried him a bit with my wicked cue arm (top break a lofty 17), in the end it was the foul shots wot done me in, and he emerged the victor.  We have a return match planned in a couple of weeks, when I will not be giving him any sort of head-start.

On other news, we have a dinner for six at the weekend, with David and Samantha and Brad and Angelina coming over for some nosh, the latter with their little progeny, all four of which will be staying for a sleep-over.  Needless to say it will be late night, for them at least*, and I am anticipating a very enjoyable and fun evening.

That's about it for this week.  I cannot decide whether I should carry on writing, in which case I need to write more frequently, or whether I should just hang up my blogging shoes and stop altogether, so if you do hear from me again, it should be in a more regular fashion, but if you don't, then d

* My trick being to fall asleep just after the last mouthful of dessert.

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