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Friday, 12 October 2012

And . . . relax, a bit more

I find myself with a chance to catch a breath before the end of the day.  LO is late (for her) in the office so our departure time for the 'van is delayed a bit, giving me time to take stock, kick back and ponder the world we live in.

One thing that I have been wondering for a while is whether I should stop blogging.  I am not getting as much time as I once was to do so, which means the frequency is dipping, and so it seems is the readership, down to very low number of viewers per day.  It is not exactly that I do it for the readership, but if no-one is reading it, why bother typing it.  Borrowing from the "if a tree in a forest falls over but no-one is within earshot, does it make a noise" type reasoning, then if no-one is reading, does that mean I am not really writing?

And then I take a quick peak for this week and find twelve people read my blog today.  Twelve people.  And that equates to 80 page reads.  I must be writing some really good s##t, or that hidden "porn" tag I tested is really doing the business.  Either that or, unbeknown to me, 'vannin' is some new variant on dogging?  Whatever the reason, thx for dropping by, and do visit again.

Anyhow, whoever you are, thanks for reading.  I must get the car packed and all things ship-shape and Bristol fashion before LO gets home, to avoid "the stare".  Have a good one and speak next week.

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