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Monday, 15 October 2012

And so begins another week

We had a fantastic weekend away in the 'van.  It was a birthday weekend, if you recall, and so we overdosed on both cake and beer.  The weather was so much better that we should expect for October.  We packed waterproofs and wellies, and did not think even once about using them.  The sun shone, Fi and Chi was eaten, and we visited the hardware store in Lymington.  This hardware store, if it is not familiar to you, has become something of a ritual for us.  We park in the Waitrose car park, to return within the 2 hour parking limit and to purchase any bits we need for the Saturday night.  We then stroll in to town, stop off in the hardware store (washing up basket was this visit's purchase) before taking in the market, which consists of down the left side of the road, stop at the Fi and Chi shop for lunch, take that down to the harbour to eat whilst watching the boats and birds.  The we return back up the right hand side, or rather the left hand side when we are going back up the hill.

The it is back to the site, Maggots go off and play for a bit, then off the the swimming pool for a swim, jacuzzi and steam room session.

That makes us feel clean and worthy, meaning we need to be back at the 'van as quickly as possible to open the first beer.

Our next trip is to Crystal Palace for a day out in London.  I am probably taking off half a day to ensure that we can leave promptly, and we will also probably get the 'van back to the drive during the week so we can pack it, and actually so I can clean it, because with these short trips, there is no time or inclination to wash it, but it is getting tatty.  I even had to wipe a bit of moss off one side rail because it was offending my eye.

For this trip, we plan to do the V&A Film Costumes exhibition, followed by Ripleys.  i.e. one for the adults, one for the kids, although having said that there are some Star Wars and Indiana Jones costumes, so they will get something from it as well.

This week is gonna be busy.  LO has a bunch of early morning breakfast meetings which mean that I am doing the school run and the odd pick up as well, as well as being in the office for three days.  Roll on Friday.

Have a good week, and speak soon.

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