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Friday, 12 October 2012

And . . . relax

You don't need me to tell you that I am not blogging much at the moment.  Falling in to the old bad ways is probably what Bad Man is thinking.  My only defence is the fact I am a tad busy right now with work and home.

In fact, I may as well just repeat my blog from last Friday, except this weekend we are going 'vannin' with A&E, which will be lovely.  When we are busy, as we are now, the lead up is nothing but hassle, but come 9pm when we are tucking in to fish pie and our fourth beer and/or red wine and/or champagne (after all it is a birthday weekend for both LO and me) and the boys are beating the girls -- again -- at Canasta, then all of the world's worries will, for the hour until I fall asleep over the cards, gently fall away to leave a very contented chap.

We had planned to go to a fairly local site, but a mix up on bookings, with A&E only booking one night and, can you believe it, the site being totally booked on Saturday night, meant we had to cancel the lot and return to one of our favourite haunts (in Autumn/Winter anyway), namely Litten Lawns.  This means that we will be eating Fi & Chi in Lymington for Saturday lunchtime, because it is the law, and likely spending some time at the sister site swimming with the maggots, which saves us all the hassle of a shower at the site.

Have a great weekend, take it easy, feel free to wish me happy birthday as you take the first sip of whatever Friday evening balm takes your fancy, and speak next week.

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