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Friday, 19 October 2012

And . . . relax

The fact that this is my first blog since Monday is all the evidence I need to confirm that it has been a busy week.  Some Maggot unwellness has added to the stress and needless to say I am very glad it is Friday.

We have Phase 2 or our birthday celebrations this weekend.  Brad and Angelina are coming down Saturday to stay the night, and to attend a meal for six we are having Saturday evening, the missing two being David and Samantha.

I have a lot to talk to Brad about this weekend.  Firstly I want a bit of a fishing chat, having been granted permission from LO for another day out.  I also need to talk to him about a remix competition he sent me, to remix a Fat Boy Slim track, as part of 10 year celebrations of You've Come a Long Way Baby.  I have a remix ready for his review, even though I don't really think it is finished.  It is certainly getting there, but I need a bit more polishing and probably need to get another section in to it to extend the time, as it is only just over 2 minutes at the moment.

Otherwise, there is not much about which to talk.  Both LO and I added another year to our age this week, but as already mentioned, we celebrated last weekend and this weekend, so on the actual day there was no celebrations.  A few letters, texts and calls, but otherwise a casual observer would not have notices anything happening.

I played tennis on Wednesday, and unbeknown to me my wallet, phone and shoe (complete with sock stuffed inside) fell out my bag.  After a fruitless search, I retrieved 2 of my tennis-playing buddies for an extended search, and during that we decided to ring my phone, which turned out to already be at the police station.  Thanks very much to the person who handed it in, because it saved me a lot of hassle.  I am unable to say thanks to this good Samaritan personally because they did not tick the "I can be contacted" box, but needless to say, I am very grateful.

I had to wait until 9am the next day to retrieve the items.  The lady on reception, who I am guessing has seen most things in her working time there, read out the list of items, and on my response that they had fallen out of my tennis bag, said "I had assumed these were during a big night out".  I had to laugh.

Anyhow, have a great weekend, and speak next week.

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