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Friday, 20 June 2014

And . . . relax

It seems inevitable that most of the English components of our nation will be down-faced and depressed after our national football team seemed to go out, not with a bang, but with a whimper.  Every time any team starts a competitive event, they are putting themselves in the ring, and so will risk either victory or defeat, or perhaps a draw.  That is the nature of competition.  The fact that our lads seem to always pick tails - defeat - is rather disquieting.  History tells us that that is how it is.  If we had gone further, it would have been penalties, and that is like trying to toss five heads in a row.  Not impossible, for Germans, but for the English, the deviation from impossible is statistically insignificant*.

Anyway, there is also some real news going on in the world, not least the unsettling activities in Iraq.  Never has "your enemies enemy is your friend" been more true than now, as we enter "meaningful discussions" with Iran.  Indeed, commentators are saying that the solution lies with Iran and maybe Syria, since having a noisy neighbour like Isis is not in their interests any more than it is in the interests of Iraq generally, so this may be one campaign we can no bid.  I hope so actually, since it is hard to really follow the thread of truth though all that has happened in the last decade, to really work out whether the war was worth it or not.  That means a lot of lives were lost, and no-one can categorically prove that they were lives worth losing for the greater good.  That fence-sitting position is a considered one, in that I have heard partially viable arguments both for and against, and I fear that opinions are so entrenched, and so diametrically opposed, that it really is very hard to know what the "true truth"** is in amongst all the strong views.

Anyway, lightening the tone a bit, we are off to Brad and Angelina's this weekend, to celebrate Brad's birthday, who is seventeen or something***.  Should be a good weekend.

I hope your weekend is also good.  Speak next week.

* I am of course borrowing from that Lottery truth that the difference in the probability of winning the Lottery between if you buy a ticket or you do not is statistically insignificant.
** as opposed to the "my truth" which drives most of what we do and don't believe as individuals
*** Just sour grapes, being the oldest in the group by a few years.

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