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Monday, 23 June 2014

That was the Weekend that Was

We had a good weekend, but not entirely one we had planned.  Maggot 1 awoke with a "dodgy tum tum" and by lunchtime it had materialised in to full hot and cold moments.  We therefore had to revert to a reluctant Plan B, which was me and Maggot 2 going up alone to Newbury, and returning at 10pm, which we duly did.  It was sad we were not all present to celebrate Brad's birthday, but we made the best of it and we did have a good time.

We do have a chance to make up for the last weekend next weekend, where we are off to Golden Cap, near Lyme Regis.  The plan is for BBQs on the beach, wetsuit swimming and other outdoor activities.  The real issue right now is the forecast is not looking so good.  I am hoping that the forecast will slowly change in our favour, which is has done many times before.  To be honest, it has also got worse as we have got nearer to the time, so we will just have to wait and see.

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