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Monday, 2 June 2014

Gone in a blink

We had a lovely week off, but, as the title suggests, it was over in a blink.

Yorkshire is lovely.  The people are also, from our experience, pretty nice and friendly too, none of the expected stereotypical bluntness.

We saw some sights, and I caught some fish.  In fact, so did Maggot 1 and A&E's Maggot 2.

The accommodation was good, and the site very quiet and well equipped.  By the end of the year, mind, it will be more than double the size and we suspect the peace will be less and the business in the service areas much more.  Ah, progress, good for some, not for others.

All in all, a great week off.

P.S. Sorry Gorse Fox, forgot to respond to your kind comment on a local iPhone repairer.  I sent it away to a company who turned it round in a day, so problem solved, but thanks very much for offering the info.

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