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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Lot's of stuff on the go at the moment.

Always at the back of my mind is the crack repair program.  I have now done all that can be done without a scaffold tower, so now I need to identify a spare weekend, and look to hire one, and blitz all the stuff to be done over the two days of hire.  The only bit I really really need it for is the grinding out, since I did not want to be doing that at the top of a ladder - one slip and I could lose a limb.  Everything else is possible from a ladder, just easier on a scaffold.

Also in the home mix is that Maggot 1 has started to play for a cricket team.  This involves Sunday mornings and plenty of hours sitting in the (hopefully) sun, and while we are keen to encourage both Maggots in any and every pursuit they would like to try, it does take some hours out of your day.  Nevertheless, I plan to dive in wholeheartedly and enjoy the experience.  Truth be told, they only have about half a dozen matches a year and do not really expect an individual to play in every one, family commitments and all, so it is not as if the rest of my life will be spent in a portable chair in a field somewhere.  To be fair, this first match was in Priory Park at Scobiville, and a nicer location you could not find for experiencing the thwack of willow on leather*.

At work, I am really busy again, and still trying to pursue all things Cloud shaped.  I have a day's training tomorrow, am revising to take a Cloud certification exam, and am still waiting for my new role to materialise.  I pinged my potential new boss on Friday and the answer was "not been able to give it any thought, will be doing so soon", so really a cheque's in the post kind of answer.

* I think that is what they call it

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