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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

ha ha

I know, funny guy.

On a week like this, a chap needs to get his kicks where he can find them, and if he cannot get his kicks, at least he can irritate or bore the wotsit out of a few folks.

Summer holidays.  I love 'em.  Am off the the South of France in under 4 weeks.  I know that may be some people's idea of hell, but I cannot wait for the freedom, the (admittedly) rather long drive down, the new scenery, the sun, the pool, the baguettes, the wine, the cheese, the beaches, the wine, the scenery, increasing my average minutes per day of quality time with maggots, etc. etc.

We are taking great grandma, so will need to pack a bit less so that we can fit her rather large handbag in the car.  Since the properly already has 3 adult bikes, we will only take the Maggot's bikes, so that will lighten the load also.  As is standard when this chap spends any time away from his own bed, we will be taking a topper, to ensure a good night's sleep and that a chap's back does not suffer from a sub-standard mattress.

Other than that, all I need is a couple of t-shirts, a couple of pairs of three quarter length shorts, and enough inflatables to sink a small ocean going liner.  Did I mention we love inflatables?  The goal is to fill the complete surface of the pool, and we then draw from a vast array of standard games, all of which are being considered for inclusion in the next Olympic Games.

Anyhow, the call is on, so gotta go, since I will have to speak on the call very soon.

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