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Friday, 22 July 2011

And . . . relax

This has been a week that history may classify as a turning point.  I am not shouting about that yet just in case it is a blip, and we are approaching the silly season for holidays, so that will make an impact also, but maybe, just maybe, we are starting to get on top of our backlog.

The reasons I am not yet shouting about it are several, including the fact that it is a bit early to say we have nailed it, because I am by nature a bit conservative and prefer to "under promise and over deliver" (BINGO!  Ed.), and also actually because if we do clear our backlog too quickly then I will have some of my team taken away from me to work on distant planets.

Also, as Mrs Marple said, there is many a slip twixt cup and lip, so caution favours the brave and the brave favour caution, and there are old pilots, and bold pilots, but no old, bold pilots etc. etc.  I may have to run that one up the flagpole to see who salutes (enough already, ed.).

This weekend looks pretty fantastic weather wise, and it will be spent poodling round the house, doing some DIY, playing with the maggots and spending some quality time with LO.  I think also that I shall be visiting the tip a couple of times trying to clear several white bags (to bags in which all the sand etc. was delivered) that have built up from the builders, the plasterer and the tiler.  At least they were tidy, but at the same time it is a bit if a pain having to clear these manually, but then that is what weekends are for.

I hope yours is as much fun as mine is shaping up to be.  Speak next week.

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