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Friday, 25 May 2012

And . . . relax

Day three, and it is still hot.  LO has brought out from the back of the wardrobe her summer dresses, and was heard to utter "I am gonna get us to Fayence one way or the other".  As I have previously commented, this particular chap loves a high-spirited filly with spunk, and while one does not remember ordering high-maintenance*, in the round she is a lively mount and no quantity of gob-stoppers would temp me to part with her.

This weekend is full of fun.  Tonight we are at the evening do of a wedding, and on Saturday we head up country to visit Brad and Angelina, in readiness for a visit to the Harry Potter studios on Sunday.  This was part of the Maggots Christmas present bonanza, and something to which the whole family is looking forward.  We will probably do Saturday night food and film, screening the first Harry Potter film to get us in the mood.

I hope you have an equally enjoyable weekend.

* this is only a joke, because when I see what high maintenance looks like in others, I realise LO is far from that.

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