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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Nora, Nora, who the #### is Nora?

Sounding much more impressive that it felt, the Norovirus has been ripping through our family.  Maggot 2 got it Saturday evening, better around 24 hours later.  Scobi got it Monday night, betterish around 24 hours later, and now LO has it, still ill and by standard measurement, should start to feel better by mid tomorrow, maybe later.  Interestingly, and I use that word in its least suitable way, LO has not had all the symptoms;  she has the aching, headache, general inability to move, but none of the bodily emissions that the rest of us have suffered.  I hope it remains that way because LO has a massive phobia of bodily emissions of the oral kind, and this manifests itself in me having to deal with every aspect of such emissions, including me having to manage the disposal of her emissions.  Nuff said.

This illness means that LO is on the sofa, issuing orders like the Borgias, and I am on all the school runs, both ends of the school day.

We are looking after Holly-dog, the Outlaw's cat (my little joke; it is, or course, a dog) and so I walked it to school to pick the Maggots up today.  The school rules stipulate no dogs on the grounds, so the plan was for me to wait at the gate, Maggot 2 to leave his class at 3.05pm, when his day ends and take control of Holly-dog while I got to get Sammy, whose day actually finishes at 3.00pm precisely.  And this was pretty much how the plan unfolded.

I am now just about finishing for the day, ready for a fun evening of running round an ill wife and two hungry children.  Enjoy your evening, and speak tomorrow.

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