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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Everything looks a bit funny

I have just picked up my new glasses, which are mighty fine in many ways, but are also a new prescription. By new, I mean stronger, since my eyes deteriorate yearly now that I am of a certain age.  What I had not appreciated is that they work best at a certain distance.  Where my previous glasses were not quite strong enough for reading, that shows itself by allowing me to see in focus at a distance of around 50cm.  Incidentally, 50cm is the distance between my eye balls and my home screens.

Now that I have new glasses, that are at the correct prescription, the "focus distance" is also a more normal 30-45cm, which means that my screens are all slightly out of focus.


I guess that I will slowly get used to them, although I am a bit concerned that actually what I need is to bring the screens closer to me, which means I will need to move the outer wall in a bit to bring the desk nearer to my eyes.

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