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Monday, 14 May 2012

Not everything panned out

We had a pretty good weekend, me having started the gargantuan task of patching up the lawn.  A couple of rolls of turf to fill some empty squares (one where the soakaway was dug) and some top soil, sand and compost plus some grass seed for some of the other patches.  I have also, for the first time, bought some feed 'n' weed to try and bring the lawn up to something approaching not very good.  This has only done about a third of the lawn, which is OK coz it is really a football pitch, so I cannot close the whole area down.  We just need the rain today to wash the feed 'n' week in to the soil, water the bits we have patched, and we are on our way.  We plan to attack the patches in phases, just so that some garden activities can still continue.  The areas that have so far had some attention have sticks and string to cordon them off from excitable Maggots.  Actually, the Maggots gave me a lot of help doing the work.  They seemed to relish mixing up the 1 part top soil to 1 part sand to 1 part compost mixture, which for Maggots who don't really like dirt under their nails, was surprising.  They also loved digging out the bigger patches, and Maggot 2, intrepid archaeologist that he is, even found a fragment of pottery that may well have lain buried since the Twiggy era.

The only cloud on the horizon was that Gee Gee was taken in to hospital with a racing heart.  This has abated a bit with medication, but it is fair to say that Gee Gee is bored, frustrated and in a ward of really old people (Gee Gee may have the years, but she also has her marbles) a couple of which were, to put it kindly, nutters.  We send our love to her and hope that the magazines and chocolates will help to numb some or the boredom.

Today sees me in my local Starfleet office, to attend an afternoon seminar.  I have decided I need to sharpen my appreciation of some new technology, and as part of that campaign, plan to take half a day out of my otherwise busy schedule to do something for me.  I hope I learn something, since I plan to do this more often.  The account on which I work is like a black hole and will suck any physical or temporal matter that gets too near, so doing something for me feels both decadent, and exactly what I should be doing.

Speak again later in the week.

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