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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Is that what working was like in the old days?

I have spent the first three days of this week in the office, and the experience is somewhat unsettling.  All that dressing up and talking to people and stuff has really taken some getting used to.  I find myself at home today and already I have managed to nail a number of important little tasks.  Starting at 6.30am definitely helped.

At home, Gee Gee is still in hospital, but improving, Ma Scobi is due in for a knee operation on Sunday, and we have a very busy weekend with A&E Friday and David and Samantha Saturday.  As part of the day Saturday, Maggot 1 and D&S's eldest are off to the cinema for a 12a screening of something or other.  To set this up, Maggot 1 had to ring the eldest to make arrangements.
Yesterday, Maggot 2 declared "I am not sure what I am doing on Saturday, I think I had better ring Youngest", in the sort of serious tones that Billy Elliot used to tell his parents he wanted to dance.  You have to laugh at his parrot-like ways.

Otherwise it will be a day slogging through a bit of a backlog of smallish things, hopefully some time to spend on bigger things, and maybe even a bit of time to have lunch and catch a Frasier episode.  I certainly know how to live.

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