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Monday, 30 April 2012

Mission Accomplished

I managed to execute faultlessly on my to do bullet list from Friday, however there were two additional events that changed some of the complexion of the two days.

The first of these was the weather, with the relentless rain shaping what could, and what could not, be done to keep us entertained.

The second event was sickness from Maggot 2.  This started in the back of my dad's car returning from David and Samantha, where we had enjoyed a fantastic evening.  Dad is about to sell the car, so vomit on the seats was very much not on the agenda.  Luckily, some nifty slip catching from LO and a hasty hard-shoulder pull over managed to mitigate the worst of it.

Thankfully, the illness was short lived, so a Sunday under the duvet has mostly cured him, which is good because today was the day that my dad was going in to Maggot 2's class to talk about growing plants, and he plans to return at lunchtime to plant some fast-growing vegetables.  I think dad enjoyed it, and based on the sample of questions asked, so did the children.  The true test, and the "Simon Cowell" review moment, will obviously come from Maggot 2 himself when he gets home.

My goal this week is to get some meaningful event written in to the history books.  This is a stiff challenge but one I shall attack with gusto, and where any skill is lacking, much making it up as I go along.

I will update you on progress later in the week.  Have a good week, and speak soon.

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