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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday, oh Thursday...

The news on the front pages of several of the Red Tops, and also plastered on numerous blogs and other internet sources of repute, including the Daily Mail Online gossip site, which rarely fails to titilate, is that today, Thursday 26 April 2012, will not be a day of any great note.

Sure, coffee will be drunk, lunch will be eaten, tea will be drunk and dinner will be eaten - solo tonight as LO is out, how dare she - and some family interaction will be undertaken, all sprinkled with that heady and intoxicating spice that is called work (enough already of the food analogies. Ed), and maybe there will be the odd cheeky little conference call to garnish the dish, but other than that, nothing much will happen.  The annuls of history will be blank on this particular day.

This is all good because it means the day has some room for routine bits to be completed, at work and at home.  The home bit is that I have now booked in the "Finisher" to come and fix the chips and dents in my shower tray.  The quote from the original company, used to size the claim to our insurance company, proved not to be correct.  When I sent pictures of the damage it transpired, perhaps even conspired, that the damage I had discussed, on which the quote was based, did not match the visual evidence thus provided.  In short, it would cost £100 more to do the actual fixing that needed to be done.  I blame myself for being naive in the competitive bath and shower repair market, and have learnt my lesson.  Luckily, this is a fairly buoyant market because I have found another company who can do the work for the budget set, and they are now booked to do the work tomorrow.  Result.

The new shower door is also ordered.  This I shall be fitting with the able assistance of my dad, to ensure no further mishaps befall us during the installation of what is obviously delicate glass components, or at least more delicate than one man who apparently "attacks everything like a bull in a china shop" can manage.  Hopefully we are now on the path to finally finishing the downstairs bathroom.

Gotta go, I have a conference call to attend.

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