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Friday, 27 April 2012

And relax . . .

Well, that week went well.

  • I feel like I have worked like a trojan.
  • I have played tennis.
  • I have arranged some important home things to get our ill-fated shower room finished.
  • I have not drunk any beer.  I shall be making up for that beer absence tonight.
  • We are at David and Samantha's for Saturday afternoon and evening.
  • We will probably go fishing off Felpham beach.
  • We will probably eat food.
  • We will definitely drink beer.
  • We will be coming home at the end of the evening in a taxi.
  • We will be sleeping in our own beds.
  • We are going to lunch on Sunday with the outlaws at a local carvery.
  • Quite when I am going to do nothing is yet to be ascertained.
Enjoy your own bullet list. Speak next week.

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