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Monday, 16 April 2012

So that was the weekend then?

We had a great weekend, mixing DIY, family stuff and socialising in to a perfect cocktail.  The Saturday evening wedding anniversary was fine.  We knew hardly anyone, which is always a bummer, but managed to find a few people to talk to, including an old friend of my sister's.  The husband ended the evening with his covers band which provided MoR musical entertainment.  Not quite Mark E Smith, but then anyone who likes him tends to expect to be marginalised in any "what music do you like?" discussions.  We were out of there by 9pm also, so this meant we were able to get home in good time, take over from my dad, who was baby-sitting, and get a recorded TV show in before bedtime.

Sunday saw us at lunch with David and Samantha - a lovely roast followed by five, count them, sweets.  Heaven.  We then went down Felpham beach for some stone-throwing, long-jumping and general "get some fresh air after a massive lunch or fall asleep trying".

As for the long-jump competition, needless to say I came second, and in pursuit of first place, I have bruised my instep.  Not actually sure whether you can do such a thing, so for the medically inclined, the bit between my heel and instep arch hurts like hell.

Once home, LO took a turn for the worse, and she was in bed at the same time as the maggots.  I followed at a more reasonable hour, and slept all the way round to sometime early for most, but quite late for me.

Finally, wanted to give a massive WELL DONE to Brad, who ran the London Marathon yesterday.  I don't have the details on his time, but unconfirmed reports say under twenty four hours.  Well done Brad, and see you next weekend.

Have a good week, and speak later.

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