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Monday, 23 April 2012

What a weekend

We had a fantastic weekend.  Brad and Angelina, and their respective ankle-biters, arrived Saturday afternoon for an overnight stay, and we then hosted the meal for eight that evening.  It was a great evening, and LO excelled herself with a choice of two soups for starters, two "en croute" items for main course and three, count them, sweets, the highlight of which was home-made Tequila ice cream.  It was not the Tequila itself, but the overall creamy loveliness of it.  This was to accompany either a Raspberry Roulade or a modest looking but totally top-drawer Brownie square.

Sunday started lazily, and then began to speed up as we nipped down to GG to sort out her DVD player, then back to home for a "Water Regatta" at the canal basin.  This latter item ended up being a couple of blokes in canoes, one of which being LO's uncle (the main reason we went), and some remote controlled boats doing their thing.  These included two very large boats that were controlled by the bloke lying down inside the boat itself, using a small camera on the mast feeding a small TV screen in the "cockpit".  Both were warships and both had VERY loud guns that went off when you least expected it.  I guess the word Regatta can mean many things to many people.

We then retired to said Uncle's house, which backs on to the canal, for tea and cake, before riding home just before the heavens opened.

The rest of the day was tidying from the visit and settling down for our weekly dose of reality show from the Humax.

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