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Thursday, 12 April 2012

First day back to work

So, today is the first day back to work after four days of illness followed by four days holiday wrapped round the Easter weekend.  This means that I have not been at work since 28th March.  That is like a two week summer holiday.

This means that I have returned to work to a ridiculously full Inbox, the modern day sweatshop, and an awful lot of loose ends that have been created, nay unpicked, during my absence.  It is always a bit daunting coming back to work after such a long time off, and it is worse at the moment due to the resourcing challenges that is making everything be cranked up a few degrees.  Hey ho, at least it is keeping me off the streets.

I am also sorting out the fitting of my shower door, which was going well until something went wrong when I was handling the glass panel, I really don't know what happened, despite the insistent questioning from LO, but the result was my shower panel was turned in to hundreds of little safe pieces of glass, and a few not so safe shards.  I have also managed to take a chunk out of my shower tray.  The air was blue (and the F-words were replayed to us by the Maggots later that evening) and the levels of frustration was very high.  And that was putting it mildly.

We have since called the insurance company for advice and have logged a claim for accidental damage, which our policy luckily covered, and we now need to sort the details to try and determine if it is worth the pain and cost of pursuing a claim.  I am now versed in all the techniques for repairing dents, and there are a number of products I could choose to buy, with the main issue seeming to be the colour you put over the resin applied to the dent.  It turns out that the colour white can be in many shades, so I have now logged a call with a company that can do it for you, including colour-matching the final finish, which sounds like a service worth paying for.  I am expecting a call back today to get a quote, and then can evaluate whether it is costly enough for me to go via the insurance route, or cheap enough it is in my best interests to do it myself.

This story will run a while yet.

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